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December 29, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Angela and Benjamin Christmas 2006.JPG

December 20, 2006

We're Home

Hi everyone, we are finally home. Just in time for Christmas. We are all excited to be here, but will miss our friends in Colombia as well. Thank you all for your support while we were away welcoming Benjamin into the family! It meant so much to us! We are all happy to be home and to celebrate Christmas together. We look forward to seeing many of you very soon and introducing Benjamin to folks.

Angela and Benjamin at home 3.JPG

December 19, 2006

The Eye of Sauron

The Louis Vuitton store that we passed by on our way to the mall had this creepy piece in the window called "Eye See You" but it looked to us more like the Eye of Sauron.

The Eye of Sauron.JPG

The Eye of Sauron label.JPG

December 11, 2006

Stuck in Playland

After a hearty meal of McNuggets and McPapas at the McDonalds in the mall, Angela got brave and scrambled up into the playland structure. But then she was stuck there for 1/2 hour as we tried to convince her to either climb down the way she went up, or to go down the slide. There were two or three kids that tried to help her, but they only spoke Spanish. Fortunately, Mommy was able to eventually rescue her.

Angela stuck in Playland.JPG

Angela stuck in Playland 2.JPG

December 09, 2006

Playing with Daddy at Parque 93A

Parque 93A is a wonderful place to spend time. It is large with lots of green space, benches, a great playground for kids and beautiful scenery. Last visit here, Angela and I spent time there on Krista and Matt's wedding day since we couldn't attend the wedding. On this trip, we enjoy playing with the kids there. As you can see from the pictures of Angela and Benjamin with Daddy. (Benjamin's hair really isn't spiked. The wind is blowing.)

Rob, Benjamin and Angela at Parque 93A.JPG

Angela and Daddy playing at Parque 93A.JPG

Angela playing at Parque 93A.JPG

December 07, 2006

Wrestling with the Dinosaur

Benjamin's favorite toy is a dinosaur that Angela picked out for him. He enjoys wrestling with it and trying to get it in his mouth. Can you guess who wins every time?

Thumbnail of Ben and Dinosaur 2.JPG

December 05, 2006

Fish Tales

Matt shows off his 18 inch brown trout - click here to download the video (requires Quicktime):
Download file

December 04, 2006

Daddy's Helper

Rob makes formula each night for Benjamin just like he did for Angela when she was a baby. Now Angela helps put the bottles together after they have been boiled. (No dishwasher here so we do things the old fashion way by boiling the bottles every night before making formula.)
Angela helping to make Benjamin's bottles 2.JPG

Angela helping to make Benjamin's bottles 3.JPG