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November 30, 2006

Rojo Person, Verde Person

Rojo Person.JPG
Wandering the streets of Bogota gives me and Angela a perfect opportunity to work on our traffic signals. During our hour-and-a-half long trips to the market that's 6 blocks away, we sing our "Rojo Person, Verde Person" song that we made up so she can tell us if we can cross or not. It's usually raining so we alternate with stanzas of "Singing in the Rain" which gives her a chance to find every puddle on the sidewalk to jump in and splash. Today it was a sunny day, so she sang "I'm Singing but there's no rain.."

Verde Person.JPG

November 26, 2006

Playing at the park

We do get out to the park at times when it isn't raining. Angela loves to swing in her 'favorite swing', play in the sandbox and ride on the see-saw. While Angela is playing, Benjamin also stays busy. (See pictures below.)

Angela on her favorite swing.JPG

Mommy pushing Angela on her favorite swing.JPG

Angela and Daddy on the see saw 2.JPG

Angela playing in the sand with Daddy 2.JPG

Benjamin sleeping in stroller.JPG

November 23, 2006

Christmas time in Bogota

Time to start the Christmas cheer! Yes, just like in the States the Christmas decorations go up here just after Halloween in all the stores, restaurants and on the streets. In the local mall, they setup lots of places for kids to play within the decorations. Angela is very fond of Santa's reindeer and likes to visit them often. All the kids seem to have a great time playing. There is even a closed in slide from the 2nd floor of the Mall to the first floor.







November 21, 2006

Benjamin Playing

While it is raining, we still find several things to do indoors. Benjamin enjoys spending time on his tummy, working out.

Benjamin in the floor.JPG

Matthew, thanks for lending us your baby blanket. We'll return it when we come to visit at Christmas.

Benjamin on the floor 3.JPG

November 19, 2006

Rain Rain Go Away

There is a park across the street that Benjamin and Angela both like to go to when it is not raining. Currnently it is still the rainy season here, and it rains for 1/2 hour to several hours every day. Angela looks out the window daily to see if her favorite swing is wet or if there are dark clouds coming over the mountains, which means impending rain. These pictues will show you what Angela ad Benjamin both think of the rain. We did get to the park this day, but just before it started to rain.

Angela crying about the rain.JPG

Benjamin mad about the rain.JPG

November 17, 2006

Snacks to avoid

pollo chips.JPG
Chicken and potato chips are both great foods, but not blended together. I'm not quite sure how this one got out of the lab. See http://www.papasmargarita.com for more , including the ham flavored chips.

November 16, 2006


We all enjoy the ice cream (helado in Spanish) that is sold in the area, but probably no one more than Angela. Too bad Benjamin is not old enough to have any yet. He is missing out!

Angela eating ice cream.JPG

November 13, 2006

Botanical Gardens Visit

We visited the Botanical Gardens with Maria Teresa again. Angela, Rob and I had a very good time. Our host, Clara, babysat Benjamin while we were there. It is such a peaceful place in the middle of a big city. It's so quiet it is hard to image you are in the same city. It was a great sight seeing trip!
Botanical Gardens 1.JPG

See more pictures at the link below.

Botanical Gardens 8.JPG

Botanical Gardens 10.JPG

Rob and Angela at Botanical Gardens.JPG

Kelly, Maria Teresa and Angela at Bontanical Gardens 2.JPG

November 11, 2006

Mr Sunshine Continues to be enjoyed by Benjamin

The picure of Angela with Mr Sunshine posted on 7/29/04 was such a classic that we had to have a similar one with Bejamin. He enjoys the music as well, but doesn't quite sing along yet , bass or any other part.

Benjamin in the cradle with Mr Sunshine 2.JPG

November 08, 2006

Fun with Dad

Angela and Benjamin enjoy spending time together and especially love spending time with Dad.

Fun with Dad.JPG

November 06, 2006

Angela's Artwork

While we are here, Angela fills her day with many activities, including art projects similar to what she would do in school at home. Of course they are not as creative as Miss Jessika or Miss Shannon design for the kids. Here is just one example.

Angela's Artwork.JPG

November 04, 2006

Toys for Benjamin

Angela decided that Benjamin needed toys to play with while he slept. Well, he was sleeping!

Toys for Benjamin while he sleeps.JPG

November 02, 2006

Angela Feeding Benjamin his first bottle