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April 23, 2006

New Bike and Gear

Angela got her first bike for her 2nd birthday. She really enjoys riding it, and likes the riot gear as much if not more than the bike (see 2nd picture). It didn't come in a box so there wasnt' a box to enjoy more than the bike.

riding tryke.jpg

Riot gear and jammies.jpg

April 17, 2006

Happy Easter (eggs)

Easter eggs.JPG

Susan had way too much fun making these Easter eggs! The result is very festive in this beautiful bowl. Happy Easter.

April 11, 2006

Off to the Races

M and Car.jpg

While we were in FL we were able to see Kristopher and Matthew race their pine wood derby cars. Rob was facinated by it. It was a cool event and all the kids and dads had great fun.

K and Car I.jpg