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November 15, 2005

Playing with her cousins in FL

Angela also enjoyed visiting and playing with her cousins when we were in FL recently. The next time we are there she will have a new cousin to enjoy as well. Next week Angela will hopefully get to see her cousins in CT again as well.




November 01, 2005

Visit to Grandpa's and Grandma's house

Angela on the horse2.JPG

Last month we visited family in FL. It was just before Theresa was born so we weren't able to meet her, but we will this winter on our next visit. We still had a lot of fun while we were there! Angela loved to ride the horse. The first thing she did was go right to it after we walked in the door.

Pulling toys with Grandma.JPG

She loved pulling toys all around the house with Grandma. Of course Grandma always got the toy with the short string and Angela pulled the toy with the longer string. Jacob, thanks for letting they play with your Dino!

walk with GranPA and Grandma.JPG

Angela also loved spending time with Grandpa and learned to say GrandPA on this trip as well.