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September 27, 2004

Angela and Robin in Conference

Angela asks Robin why he can't hold onto the maraca. Robin admits this, but counters by pointing out that Angela can't go on her tummy on the turtle (pictured next the the couch) for more than seven minutes at a time.

September 24, 2004

Annoying Krista

annoying Krista.JPG
Dad, Mom, Daedre, Marilynn and Barbara Jo team up to seriously annoy Krista by holding up the Verizon Join In "V" sign. This picture is from North Carolina, summer 2002.

During Krista and Matt's wedding a few weeks ago, however, we all were to be commended for avoiding the V sign, or any V jokes about c"an you hear me now" or "making progress every day", which is really difficult to do when two Verizon folks get married.

September 23, 2004


Angela loses her balance and starts to topple over during one of Mommy's photo sessions.

September 22, 2004

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Grande Botanical Gardens

Grande botanical garden.JPG
The Gardens make a beautiful backdrop for the day-after-the-wedding brunch. Just a day later, being outside the tent was suddenly more appealing than being inside the tent, but the previous evening was a different story.

September 20, 2004

Sharing Fritos

sharing fritos.jpg
A friendly bird in Killarney National Park, Ireland stops to share a Frito with us. This bird was really hungry -- they must have to wait around for the North Americans to show up with the really good snacks.

September 18, 2004

Rah and Michael

Rah and Michael.jpg
Michael does have cool underwear, but rarely do folks stalk behind him with a camera to capture it on film.

September 17, 2004

Napping at the Inn

napping at the inn.jpg
The Inn on Shepard Avenue (as Grp & Grm's house is known) has deluxe accomodations for all ages.

September 16, 2004

Unfair Advantage

Gabriella and Angela.jpg
Gabriella has an unfair advantage -- she can speak English, French, Spanish, *and* baby!

September 14, 2004

French TV


This is what happens when you watch too much French TV.

September 13, 2004

Jon and Michael Eventually Retrieve the Raft

raft II.JPG

September 12, 2004

Giant Guitar

rock hall.JPG
This picture shows Kelly and the Hurysz clan (Paul is taking the picture) outside the Rock Hall in much drier times, before the rains came to Florida. Jill, Kristopher, Matthew and Jacob decided to make a media event out of it. When they bugged out of Orlando to avoid hurricane Frances, they went straight for Louisiana and made some signs and got on TV on ESPN during the season-opening Louisiana Tech football game. The TWDF News Service has been unable, as yet, to obtain photographs of this -- perhaps Jill can post them. Instead we provide this file photo.

September 11, 2004

Peter Watches the Birds

peter watches birds.JPG
Peter relaxes while watching the birds over the water in North Carolina. I was on this vacation and I don't remember a boat ride. What a gyp.

September 10, 2004

First Bites of Cereal


Angela savors her first bites of rice cereal.

September 09, 2004

Not Enough Life Rafts

Michael and Krissy in Pool.jpg
Krissy tries to help Michael swim out to his raft...

BJ steals raft.JPG
...but they are not quite quick enough to prevent Barbara from drifting off with it.

September 08, 2004

Michael and Angela Hang Out at Grandparents House

Michael and Angela in the comfy chair.JPG
Michael introduces Angela to his favorite Grandma-approved TV programming.

September 06, 2004

Stylish Dessert takes the Cake


September 05, 2004

Jessica and Andres Filipe

Jessica and Andres.JPG
Jessica's husband Omar had to return to the States before this picture was taken, but we had a good time going out for pizza with Jessica and Andres. He (Omar) ran the 1/2 marathon while he was in Colombia, for some inexplicable reason. We decided that if we had to stay in Colombia any longer that we would open a Formula Bar in the restaurant district. There could be Nan 1, Nan 2, Similac etc. on tap, and free toy happy hour. Ladies night would be baby girls in strollers only, with an appearance by Ernie & Bert.

September 04, 2004

Wardrobe Malfunction

wardrobe malfunction.JPG
One of the photgraphers waits patiently while Jon helps JJ get fixed up for the next round of pictures.

September 03, 2004

Our Apartment Mates Etienne, Brigit and Robin

Ettien, Bridget and Robin 2.JPG
I think that French is Angela's favorite lanaguage -- she always stops to listen to Brigit talk. We should have taken pictures of all of Robin's (and Edgar's) baby clothes -- the French make the most adorable outfits.

September 02, 2004

Survivor: New Hartford

survivor - new hartford.JPG
Back to Krista & Matt's wedding: If you got voted out of the big tent, the only way to find relief was to skulk past the tiki torches..

September 01, 2004

Krista & Matt's Official Online Wedding Album

You can find Krista and Matt's Official online album directly by clicking here, or go to http://www.netmartin.com and then press Recent Events, then Weddings in the pop-up window, then Krista Pedersen and Matthew Grande.

If you have any great candid shots of the festivities, please post them or send them to me (rob@twdf.net) so I can post them!

Saying Hello

Sarah and Angela.JPG

Cousin Sarah is the very first person (outside of immigration officials) to welcome Angela as one of the very newest U.S. Citizens! They are pictured here at Newark Liberty airport right at the Starbucks right outside of baggage claim. Angela fell asleep after we declined her request for a venti frapuccino.

Saying Goodbye

Clara with all.JPG

We said goodbye to Clara, our host, at 6am on our way to the airport. We were excited to be heading home, but found it incredibly difficult to leave. We had to make sure we had enough cash to pay the Colombian departure tax. Fabio, who drove us to the airport, got an exemption certificate for Angela but Kelly and I ended up paying the business rate of 122,000 pesos instead of 75,000 pesos because I was too groggy at that hour to come up with the right Spanish to explain... The nice thing about coming from France is that you can leave in the afternoon (although then the flight is 10 or 11 hours)..
Ok, that story was just a smokescreen to distract readers from realizing that it was *emotionally* difficult to leave, not logistically.. We are going to miss new friends and of course Clara's Ajiaca (Colombian chicken soup). And we'll have to go back to doing our own laundry (although Mom did enough to get us through the first few days!)