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August 21, 2004

Soggy Downpour only Increases the Fun at Krista & Matt's Wedding

Sneaker Bride.jpg
New Hartford, Conn. (TWDF) - Soggy conditions did not dampen the mood or the food of the revelers at Krista and Matt's outdoor wedding on Saturday at the Grande home. The only thing to be ruined was the footwear of the women of the bridal party, which either dissolved or reverted to its pre-dyed colors. The handsome groom Matt helps beautiful bride Krista show here that the backup footwear choices can be just as fashonable and infinitely more practical.

A wedding attendee who works at Miss Porters Finishing School in Farmington said to the mother of the bride that it was one of the most elegant weddings she had ever attended.

The caterers said that they usually have lots of leftover food but that the wedding attendees ate it all. It is not known at present whether the wedding party was charged extra for not leaving any leftovers for the next couple.

Weather Channel meterologist and all around bad weather guru Jim Cantori was on hand for the event, but washed away in a wave of water before he could file any live footage. We have not heard from him since but he was munching on a lovely hors d'oerve. As you can tell, living with a French couple has not improved my French spelling (sorry Etienne and Brigit!).

The thirty acres of the wonderful Grande property provided ample audio buffering for the merrymaking, which, while lasting joyously and boistrously late into the night, attracted virtually no notice from local law enforcement authorities.

The pre-service music featured J.S. Bach's Air for the G String (not the wardrobe-related kind), Abide with Me, and Siciliano with Krista's Aunt Barbara on the Recorder. Cousin Sarah followed on the French Horn with Bach's Sheep May Safely Graze (written at a time of full employment of Serta Sheep), and Alexander Glazunov's Reveries. Glazunov was not available for further elucidation of these Reveries, so we are left to wonder..

The tent had ideal accoustics for French Horn, Recorder and Piano Playing, singing, and general partying.

The bridal processional music was Sarah Decker's arrangement of Pachelbel's Canon in D, for Flute (Charlene Riccardi) and French Horn.

Rick Riccardi, of Rick Riccardi and the Bronson Orchestra accompanied the above instrumentalists, as well as the choir on the anthems Borning Cry and When Love is Found. Rob Pedersen of "We do good music and we do it fast" raced through The Wedding Song so that we could test Rick's keyboard skills and get to Krista & Matt's big kiss and the recessional Purcell Trumpet tune, which Sarah ably transposed on the fly.

The incredibly cool party favor books were masterminded by Krissy Pedersen. They are folded so cleverly that I suspect that she doubles as a secret agent for Rand McNally. It features a poem from Dad on the inside - for the text, checkout this December, 2003 entry.

The bridesmaids were Deb Bushman and Laura Grande and Krissy Pedersen and Kelly, who was with us via satellite from Bogotá, Colombia. The groomsmen were Rob and Jon Pedersen and David Patrie and Stephen Landry. JJ Pedersen was the ringbearer. The wedding party graciously decided not to send JJ all the way to Mt. Doom in the land of Mordor, but merely a few steps away to Rev. House. JJ seemed very happy to give up the rings, not having magically bonded to them in any way.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Enos and Barbara Strauss served as lectors.

Wedding Photos courtesy of TWDF News Service representatives Rick and Stacey Riccardi. Rick was able to play keyboard with his hands and take digital pictures with the foot pedals. Wedding weekend coverage continues below, and later this week on twdf.net.

The dapper ringbearer, JJ, prepares to hand the rings to Rev. House. Krissy, the mother of the dapper ringbearer shows relief that the rings are still attached to the pillow after having clanked to the floor just minutes before. Deb, in the foreground, looks on.

It's official -- that is, if Deb and my signatures as witnesses on the wedding certificate are certified by a tribunal. (No wait, I'm getting the adoption and wedding processes confused).

Matt and Krista share a kiss in response to the incessant banging of dishes of excited onlookers. Only at wedding receptions can we get away with this sort of behaviour.

August 20, 2004

All dressed up and nowhere to go

Angela in blue dress.JPG

Angela got all dressed up in honor of Aunt Krista's and Uncle Matt's wedding, even though she can't make it. We would both love to be there, but it was not in the cards. We look forward to watching the video of the whole wonderful affair. Good Luck Krista and Matt! We love you!

Angele in Blue Dress - Close up 2.JPG

August 19, 2004

Merrily we roll along


Angela was playing with her toes as she likes to do and rolled over from her back to her stomach for the first time on Tuesday! She gets frustrated because she gets one arm stuck under her body and can?t get it out, but she is getting stronger every day. We are in trouble when she can roll over on a regular basis.


August 16, 2004

Falling Bed Slats


In the apartment we stayed in for the first 2 weeks, the bed slats kept falling down. Kelly very graciously caught me in the act of fixing them. Luckily for us, this never happened in the middle of the night, but just when we were getting ready to go to bed.

August 15, 2004

Boiling Water at 8,600 feet


One might initially guess that at 8,600 feet, it would take forever to boil water, and the boiling point would be at a lower temperature than 212 degrees fahrenheit. But according to weather.com, the barometric pressure in Bogotá ©s currently 30.37 inches. At home in Ohio, it's currently 30.25 inches. Since the boiling point of water is a function of the barometric pressure, the boiling point of water is currently 22 hundredths of a degree higher here (212.83) than it is at home (212.61).

One thinks about these things a lot when working in the lab daily creating delicious scientific formula.

August 14, 2004

New Apartment Mates

Bridgit, Robin, Rob and Angela.JPG
Stephan, Marina and Edgar went home to France. Another French couple, Brigitte and Etienne has moved in and last week they received their three-month old boy, Robin. Angela, who was still trying to figure out if she like Edgar, now has a new friend.

August 13, 2004

Our Apartment Building


We're on the 5th floor in the right wing.

This is our view out the front window. There are nearly continuous soccer or basketball games going on, except of course, during the time when we had the camera ready.

The (even higher) mountains are just up the street. We live beetween 10th and 11th street (carrera), and the numbering starts at the mountain.

August 12, 2004

Jam Session with Jacob and Kristopher

keyboard time.JPG

August 11, 2004

Angela Gets Surprised by the Flash Bulbs of the Paparazzi


August 10, 2004

Jostein's First Birthday

Jostein and Arne.JPG
Ok, so we were actually out of town for Arne and Gabriella's son Jostein's first birthday. But when we finally did get home, he got to open another birthday present. I think he would have been happier if the present just contained packing... That seems to be the fun part.

God Sends a Rainbow


God sent us a big rainbow to apologize for sending rain every time we get more than 2 blocks away from the apartment with the stroller. Sometimes we try for two or three hours to go out. This succeeds only in irritating the doorkeeper, who has to keep letting us in and out.

August 09, 2004

Moo, Baa, La La La


Kelly and Angela settle down for the 1,134th-1,421st readings of Angela's favorite book - Sandra Boynton's "Moo, Baa, La La La!" I think I have it memorized -- it goes like this:

Moo, Baa, La La La
A cow says Moo!
A sheep says Baa!
3 singing pigs say La La La!
No, no, you say, that isn't right,
Pigs say "Oink" all day and night!
Rhinoceroses snort and snuff,
And little dogs say ruff ruff ruff!
Some other dogs say bow bow bow,
And cats and kittens say Meow.
Quack! says the duck,
The horse says neigh!
It's quiet now,
What do YOU say?

August 06, 2004

Bring Me a Tankard of Scientific Formula


Even the youngest people in Colombia demand that their servers dress nicely at mealtime. Angela turns 4 months old today!

August 03, 2004

Angela and Edgar Eye Each Other Suspiciously

Edgar and Angela.JPG

August 02, 2004

Fugitives at Large?

fed reserve bank.JPG
Jacob and Kristopher ponder whether to knock over the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland.

August 01, 2004

Apartment Mates

Stephan & Marina playing Scrabble in Frech.JPG
We are sharing an apartment with Stefan and Marina, who are from France. Here they are playing Scrabble - in French! Yikes!
Edgar playing.jpg
A couple of days after we received Angela, they received Edgar, 11 months old.