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June 29, 2004

Baby News!

More info soon, we just got the word that we have been placed with a baby girl born April 6, 2004!

June 26, 2004

JJ Does Windows!!


Spring has sprung, and JJ (being the good helper that he is), wanted to help with the spring cleaning...and YES, he DOES DO WINDOWS!!! Not very well, of course, but he works cheap and has a good attitude, so what the heck!!

June 10, 2004

Cleveland Mayor Jane Campbell Welcomes Barbara, Cuts Ribbon at new EcoVillage Unit

Eco Ribbon 1.JPG
Cleveland Mayor Jane Campbell, center, personally presided today over a ribbon cutting ceremony in front of Barbara's new unit on W. 58th street. Susan and Sarah, right, are Barbara's next-door neighboors. Ward 17 Councilman Matthew Zone is on the left.

Eco Ribbon 2.JPG
Sarah recedes from the group right away, having cut the ribbon before the countdown was over, leaving everyone else slicing open air.

Eco Circus 2.JPG
The entire neighborhood celebrates.