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November 11, 2003

Swirling Water II -- Psychic Derangement

This week, when having trouble breathing,
I hopped in the car and took to weaving
My way downtown to see the doc
To help my airways to unblock.
This stuff he gives in rarity,
But helps you breath with clarity.
You're really, really in the zone
When doc puts you on Prednisone!
The swirling water would have helped
The rest of the world seem still,
But now, when breathing better,
I read this and felt ill:

(from the fine print in the accompanying literature: "Psychic derangements may appear when corticosteroids are used, ranging from euphoria, insomnia, mood swings, personality changes and severe depression, to frank psychotic manifestations.** Also, existing emotional stability or psychotic tendencies may be aggravated by corticosteroids.")

**Geez, like frank burns? or frank like in hot dogging?

With one exception (no depression),
I exhibit all these tendencies
Without the drug dependencies...
But *NOW* with a pill, and a swirling water chaser,
I've discovered the perfect mind eraser.
Good thing this stuff lasts just a week,
It'll limit my estrangement
from my mind, and then I can return
To my regular derangement.