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August 25, 2003

Sentence of the Day

I have two of these -- one in Spanish, one in English.

The Spanish sentence of the day comes from my Spanish lessons: "Tenemos muchas reuniones de la misma cosa." (We have many meetings about the same thing.)

The English sentence of the day comes from one minute of CSPAN2 I tuned into last week. I don't know who the guy was or what he was talking about, but he said: "We can't let the status quo lead us into any type of situation which prevents change." Huh?!?

I posted no articles last week because I spent substantially all of my non-work time standing in line for Top Thrill Dragster. I made it twice -- once on Monday and once on Thursday when I was there with Tom and Amy. The actual ride only lasts 20 seconds, but at least you get to sit in the trains for 2 or 3 mins. I wish I could describe more about it - it was such a blur.

August 18, 2003

Grandma Maloney Recovers from Broken Hip


Here are some photos from where Grandma Maloney is staying while recovering from her broken hip.

Front of building

Front of building


Living room for patients and company

Looking out Grandma's window

Dining room

If you click on any of these pictures, you can download the super-large version and scroll around see everything in greater detail.

August 17, 2003

Instructions and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

last updated on 8/17/2003

Why are older articles missing from the front page?
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If I create an article, will it automatically be online?
Actually, no. When you create a new entry, you will notice that one of the boxes available is Post Status. The Post Status is either Draft or Publish, and defaults to Draft. When you save your article in Draft mode, it will not show up on the twdf.net front page, nor will it be available to any viewers. It allows you to save one or multiple articles and come back to finish them later, and it also allows you to mess around without doing anything for real. You can also press the Preview button to see approximately how your article will look when it's posted for real.

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I don't see the calendar or the links section.
Your video resolution is either set to something less that 800x600, or your browser window is not maximized (it doesn't cover your whole screen.) You should still see all of this at the very bottom if you continue scrolling down.

Try pressing the window icon next to the X in the upper right-hand corner. If that doesn't work, increase your screen resolution to 800x600 or higher, from Settings/Control Panel/Display/Settings on Windows systems.

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Under Image Thumbnail, if your file is wider than 450 pixels, please reduce it by clicking Create Thumbnail for this Image and typing 450 in the width box. The height will automatically adjust.

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What if I only have paper copies of pictures?
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If you have any suggestions, comments etc., please let me and Kelly know. We're hoping that this site will become a place where we can all trade pictures, stories, news, poems, book reviews, recipies, whatever.

August 15, 2003

The Packers Ohio Jinx

The Packers are in town for tonight's preseason game against the Browns. According to today's Cleveland Plain Dealer (all 26 pages of it, produced at the Akron Beacon-Journal, where they actually had power), the Packers were stuck at the Renaissance Hotel, with nothing to eat, until someone remembered the hot dog vendor in front of Tower City and they rushed out there, but a woman in front of them had got the very last hot dog. That prompted one of the first year players to complain that he's drop from 295 lbs to 185 lbs if he didn't get something soon.

The only reason I find this particularly funny is that a week and a half ago the Packers were here in Canton, which is about 60 miles to the southeast, to play the hall of fame game. We were watching that on tv, and sure enough, about 45 minutes after the electrical storm blew by us, it showed up in Canton and they had to cancel the rest of the game. I figure the Packers have probably had enough of Ohio by now.

The only thing still wrong around here at this hour is that Caribou won't make any hot coffee by order of the health department, until the water emergency is lifted. No fair.

August 14, 2003

Matthew's 5th Birthday

Paul sent in some classic pictures of Matthews 5th Birthday! Happy Big 5, Matthew!





Power Outage and Curfew in Cleveland

Lights, oh lights, oh where have you hid?
You've left because of a power grid?!?
My laptop screen is luminescent,
But hurts my eyes with darkness present...
I can't handle using a candle
When someone snatches all the matches.
My flashlight operates by crank,
Which tires my wrist, to be quite frank.
The total dark is getting old
And all the pop's no longer cold.
The cream is losing its ice
Which isn't very nice.
Kelly is now back at our house where power is restored,
But I am still at work in darkness, getting bored...
The only traffic on the streets are cops, who on the bullhorn
Are telling folks to go on home, a curfew that, forlorn
Will keep the streets of town until the sunny morn.
Because of this I can't go out -- I think it's very rude,
So I expect the mayor to come and bring me up some food!

What We Did on our Vacation

For those who dislike travelogues....delete. This is a "what we did on our vacation" message and another chance for the uninterested to delete.
We struck out from Hamden in the waning days of July, just me, and my faithful indian companion, Tonto. We rode double on Scout. Actually, Lynda and I drove to Bar Harbor, Maine in her car, prepared for a trip of two weeks. Actually, Lynda was prepared for a trip of six weeks, but then, who is counting. Bar Harbor is beautiful, rocky harbors surrounded by islands, with mountains as the backdrop. We had never seen anything like it. We took a whalewatching trip and the critters obliged us. Six humpbacks and a fin whale entertained for several hours beside our fancy catamaran boat, complete with restaurant. Talk about roughing it!

Just before we left, family members persuaded me to apply for a handicapped sticker, after seeing me perform when we went to an outdoor concert with Krista and Matt and I had to carry picnic baskets over a mile. I didn't think I would ever use it...but, as usual, others knew better than I. In Halifax, which incidentally is all uphill, both ways, no matter where you are going, we stayed on the campus of Dalhousie University, chosen no doubt as an excellent example of hills and dale. Our residence hall has four stories and we were in the fourth floor (no elevator). Actually, the hall was named after either general or admiral Howe (brothers...but which one seems uncertain). The part we lived in was named Bronson hall (Lynda's maiden name) and no, we did not get a discount and no, we did not get an elevator and no, we did not get transportation to the hall where we ate, some six blocks away, uphill. This was Shireff Hall, named for a fellow who was a sheriff from those parts. Sheriff Shireff's hall was dedicated by HRH The Prime Minister. We dined on fried baloney and parsnips, among other things. There were some tastes we will always remember, but the people were endlessly friendly and helpful and the sights were interesting and we had a lot of fun. The building we had most meetings in was another six blocks, uphill, from the dining room. We returned to Sheriff Shireff's hall for lunch, six blocks, uphill. We returned for meetings and concerts six blocks, uphill and then went to visit Sheriff Shireff for dinner, six blocks, uphill. During the evenings we went to concerts and singalongs in area churches, as far away as 50 miles (all uphil). Did I mention that we were at the national Hymn Societ annual meeting, together with the Canadian, Great Britain, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, and other hymn societies? Countries represented by people at the conference included the U.S., Canada, England, Scotland, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Romania, Germany, France, Netherlands, and Japan. Obviously, a great deal of interpretation was needed in speech and song, and it was supplied. Sitting down to dinner with many new acquaintances was an experience. However, we also found things in common with people from Wausau, Wisconsin and other Wisconsin sites, as well as people from Minnesota, South Dakota, Iowa, North Carolina, etc. Halifax and other Nova Scotia cities like Lunenburg and Mahone Bay were picturesque and fun to visit. I ate haddock in all of it's forms. For Tolkien lovers, in addition to Sheriff Shireff, Halifax had a middle and a lower Sackville, although no sign was seen of either Otho, or of Lobelia, or any other Bagginses, or Bracegirdles, Tooks, etc. In fact, although the countryside looked very promising, we never saw a single hobbit!
The Catamaran car ferry from Bar Harbor to Yarmouth, in Nova Scotia, is a great way to travel. It eliminates about 600 miles of driving and takes about three hours. We took the car with us. We ate a hot meal during the trip and I won $16.50 (U.S.) on the slots. The current rate of exchange is about $133 Canadian equals $100 U.SGetting used to $1.00 and $2.00 coins took awhile. In Canada, pedestrians have the right of way and drivers are unbelievable curteous. They waive you across and when you are driving they let you into line. When I told Lynda I was a dollar short for a parking maching and needed to go break a $20.00, the Canadian couple behind me just smiled. The man tapped me on the shoulder, dropped a $1.00 coin in my hand, grinned, and told me to have a nice evening!
We took, all told, two weeks to get back to Hamdedn. We returned happy and tired, but we had a great time and would certainly recommend Nova Scotia and Bar Harbor Maine to anyone who decides to do that way. Other than getting a bad cold from rain, mist, drizzle, showers, fog, etc. it was fun. Now we will take some time for Lynda to get ready for school and will look forward to some babysitting. Happy summer to everyone, and I will be sending some personal messages along the way as well. Time for a nap. Did I tell you that I am retired? What day is this? Does it matter?
Love, Dave

August 13, 2003

Are You Ready for some Football (Pools?)

The new football season is almost upon us, and that means that there's plenty going on over at PedersenPools.com! Check it out.

August 04, 2003

Cedar Point Report

As Krista mentioned below, Matt and I went to Cedar Point on Friday, but we can't give you a report on the new Top Thrill Dragster. It had been running smoothly, and we were standing in line and about 30 minutes from getting on the thing, when it broke down. The ensuing electrical storm ensured that we were not getting on anything more that night (it was about 9:30pm when the storm broke).

Unfortunately, Matt didn't get a chance to try Millenium force either, because that had broken down while we were in line for *that*.

Good thing I bought a season pass! This is going to take multiple attempts.

The band was good at the America Rocks show at the Red Garter Saloon, if a little bit scripted. :) That attraction was operating nicely -- nothing wrong with the sound board or lighting or injured musicians, although second floor was closed for cleaning, creating a seating crunch. I wonder if someone threw up up there due to vertigo. Anyway we got a couple of chairs at a table near the front. The couple who had the other two chairs wasn't happy with us, but I figure if we all have to share coaster trains, then we can learn to share a table at the Red Garter...

I thought they did a nice job of picking tunes that harmonize well in 3 or 4 parts. It's always nice not to have to listen to the entire song -- just the good part and then on to the next tune... Those shows consist of college students that used to be mostly from Ohio and Michigan, but these days seem to be from all over. For the first time since we've been there, they had a girl in the band (playing sax). I suppose now you'll ask about sax appeal. Matt and I were remarking that this is the best job they'll ever have -- it'll be downhill from there...

August 02, 2003

Maloney Family Reunion July '03

The Maloney klan had a family reunion in Leominster earlier this month. It was great to have everyone together. We just wish that Paul, Kristopher, Matthew and Jacob could have been there with us. Grandma had a great time visiting with everyone.

Family Group Picture at Mariens.jpg
Missing from the picture: Pat and Tom who had a party to attend, Kristin,
Vinny and Jack who were at home (we kidnapped MaryLynn) and
Grandma who was busy.

Danny Michael MaryLynn and Jack playing bb.jpg
Danny, Michael, MaryLynn and Jack playing basketball.

Grandma and Freeway.jpg
Freeway loved to hang out with Grandma!

Mom and Pat.jpg
Pat and Mom having fun in the sun.

Jill Sarah and Tim.jpg
Jill, Sarah and Tim picnicing.

Kristin and Vinny.jpg
Kristin and Vinny. What great hosts they were for a wonderful picnic!

Dad Pat and Tom.jpg
Dad, Pat and Tom. Do you think Dad and Tom called each other before
getting dressed?

Rob and MaryLynn.jpg
Rob and MaryLynn took a breather to gaze at the sky.

Rob and Jack Playing bb.jpg
More basketball anyone?

Danny and Grandma.jpg
Grandma and Danny.

Danny and Mom.jpg
Danny and Mom trying to find some shade.

Grandma loved the picnic and all the company!

Kristin and Rob.jpg
What was so funny?

Michael Dad and Kristin.jpg
We are having fun now!

Mom and Dad.jpg
What a nice couple!

August 01, 2003

My Onging Vacation w/Rob, Kelly, and Matt

Day 1
1.) Left CT at 6:30
2.) Arrived 8:10
3:) Tanned outside from 9-11 w/family
4:) Went to Cleveland Rockers Game - We Won!!
5:) Went to Spring Break type event at Shooters in the Flats
6:) Went to see Lion King, cried at the opening because I am a sappy wuss - it rocked and made mom jealous that I went and she didn't..he.he...
7:) Went to bed after being awake for 36 hours...We were tired...

Day 2
1.) Slept until noon - Matt called it REM recovery mode
2.) Went to Cleveland Indians game that lasted 14 innings - We won of course.
3.) We tried to walk back to the car - torrential downpours occured...So we paid $10 to take a cab from the Hyatt for 4 blocks.
4.) Went to see Finding Nemo - It was a blast

Day 3
1.) Played 9 holes of golf in Sheffield.
2.) Spent 1.5 hours at the Metro Park Zoo
3.) Went to Dave and Busters adult arcade - cool games - like Mohegan but no gambling
4.) Steak dinner w/Rob and Kelly

Day 4
1.) Playe 9 holes of golf (I whined mostly - I stink)
2.) Visited the Winking Wizard
3.) Cleveland Rockers - We lost....ick...

Day 5 and 6 On Put-In-Bay Island
1.) Ran around on golf carts
2.) Drank lots of wine w/Bethany, Mike and R/K
3.) Played put put
4.) Danced at the Beer Barrel Salloon
5.) Shopped
6.) Visited Perry's Monument
7.) Winery tour
8.) PUt put at Cedar Point

Day 7
I stayed home and hung out - the boys went to Cedar Point